Devinstock: A powerful and affordable Odoo Alternative

Devinstock: A powerful and affordable Odoo Alternative
Empower Your Business with Devinstock: Your Smart Choice Beyond Odoo !

When searching for a business management application, one of the primary solutions that is often listed is Odoo, and that is quite logical. Odoo has been in the market for several years and now provides business managers with an enterprise resource planning ERP platform to efficiently manage their enterprises.

However, when dealing with software such as Odoo

  • It is imperative to have a deep understanding of the business in order to effectively utilize it or consider engaging a professional to assist you.
  • Odoo may prove to be overly extensive for small and medium-sized businesses seeking a tailored solution to capitalize on various opportunities.
  • Given their minimum pricing structure per user (starting at $9 per user), it may become impractical as the number of users increases, and migration became a hustle.
  • Cost considerations arise, particularly when operating on a limited budget and you want to add more specific features.
  • The business modules offered may not be suitable for starting entrepreneurs or small and medium enterprises.
  • A minimum expenditure of $1000 is required for access to quality customer service.

Devinstock is an all-in-one management platform, aiming to make your business delightful

Devinstock vs Odoo

Two best online erp and management solutions going head to head, let's compare the features one by one

Devinstock is a powerful solution alternative to Odoo

Devinstock top features

Devinstock is an all-in-one management platform, aiming to make your business delightful, it comes with built in modules for managing your customers with CRM, products inventory, purchase and sales documents, payments and transactions, team collaboration and more.

Devinstock and Odoo Feature Comparison

Manage your products inventory

With Devinstock you can manage all your products in one simple and user friendly interface. Users can create and manage different products and services, add product's groups, manage products warehouses and track inventory movements for sales and purchases.

Teams and collaboration

Devinstock offers many features for teams collaboration inside your company, you can invite your team and collaborate in one platform. The Team feature allows to mention and send notifications, assign tasks and business documents.

CRM multifunnels

Devinstock allows users to create compelling customer relationships management CRM pipelines, create and import leads from different sources, convert leads and create business opportunities, manage and communicate with leads and customers, register calls, messages, emails, notes and more.

Business documents

With Devinstock, you have the capability to generate a wide range of intelligent and compelling business documents. This includes master documents like sales quotations, delivery. Additionally, you can effortlessly create detailed notes to keep track of important informations, invoices to request payment for goods or services provided, purchase orders, reception receipts, purchase invoices and much more.

Payments and transactions

Experience seamless payment management with Devinstock! Easily customize invoice regulations, incorporate business fees, manage multiple bank accounts, and meticulously track expenses and income. With upcoming integrations with Stripe and Zapier, your payment process is about to get even smoother. Trust Devinstock to revolutionize your financial operations."

The all in one platform for delightful customers

Migrating to Devinstock

If you are considering migrating from Odoo or any other third-party application to Devinstock, our team is available to assist you in accomplishing this task. We provide guidance throughout the entire process, and the best part is that our services are completely complimentary. We listen to your needs and deliver exceptional results.

Allow us to facilitate the import of your contacts, customers, products, sales, and transactions with ease.

A rich roadmap

Devinstock is on a mission to be the all-in-one platform for delightful businesses. Our product roadmap is very rich, with exciting developments that users can look forward to. In the near future, we expect to introduce a project management module designed to efficiently oversee your projects and tasks. This addition will streamline project workflows, enhance collaboration among team members, and boost overall productivity.

  • Furthermore, our plans include the incorporation of more integrations. By expanding our integration options for different business domains (Payment, Logistic, Manufacturing), we aim to provide users with seamless connectivity to other tools and platforms they rely on daily.
  • This enhancements will enable a smoother workflow experience, allowing for increased efficiency and effectiveness in managing various aspects of business operations.

Elevate your business with Devinstock 🚀

Experience a platform designed to empower businesses like yours !

  • 🌍 Seamlessly integrated CRM for intelligent sales.
  • 🖥️ Enjoy a unique and intuitive user experience.
  • 📦 Effortlessly import products and services.
  • 👥 Access a dedicated team to support your success 24h/6.